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Connecting-Africa is a gateway to African research information and materials produced worldwide. It provides access to 45817 publications from 90 repositories as well as information on 1350 Africa experts (researchers, policymakers, development practioners) and on 887 organisations (research or development-related institutes with expertise on Africa).

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2014-04-23 Information Exchange within the Social Networks of World Teachers in Uganda: An explorative mixed method study of information exchange, gender and cultural identity within the social networks of Ugandan teachers.
2014-04-23 Social and environmental support for young mothers in South Africa: Unraveling coping abilities.
2014-04-23 CSR als oplossing: Shell in Nigeria.
2014-04-23 Angolese politici, Chinese handelaren en nieuwe spoorwegen. De invloed van Chinese leningen op de Angolese economie.
2014-04-23 The household burden of uncomplicated malaria treatment in sub-Saharan Africa; A review.
2014-04-23 Grootschalige landverwerving in Afrika.
2014-04-23 Migrants' im/mobilities on their way to the EU: Lost in transit?
2014-04-23 Turbulent trajectories: African migrants on their way to the European Union.
2014-04-23 Africa - Still a continent in drift in the 21st century?
2014-04-23 Addiction treatment and community mental health in Africa: The implication of policy and institutional gaps for effective intervention.

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