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Connecting-Africa is a gateway to African research information and materials produced worldwide. It provides access to 65929 publications from 93 repositories as well as information on 1354 Africa experts (researchers, policymakers, development practioners) and on 890 organisations (research or development-related institutes with expertise on Africa).

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2017-03-27 Governing Unclear Lines.
2017-03-27 Environmental reform of West and Central Africa ports.
2017-03-27 Who put the 'Post' in the Post-Arab Spring?: Towards a Fresh Narrative for North Africa.
2017-03-27 Análisis del Turismo Comunitario en la isla de Santiago (Cabo Verde) como Fórmula de Desarrollo Endógeno.
2017-03-27 Geografía e imagen geográfica del Fezzan a través del relato de los exploradores del siglo XIX.
2017-03-27 De la otredad al mestizaje: Representación de la inmigración marroquí en la narrativa española contemporánea (1998-2008).
2017-03-27 The role of e-banking on operational efficiency of banks in Nigeria.
2017-03-27 Market Risk Instruments and Portfolio Inflows in African Frontier Economies.
2017-03-27 Public-Sector Project Abandonment Decision: A Test of the Ricardian Equivalence Theory on the Failed Lagos Metroline in Nigeria.
2017-03-27 Malaria Risk and Civil Violence.

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