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Connecting-Africa is a gateway to African research information and materials produced worldwide. It provides access to 59851 publications from 93 repositories as well as information on 1354 Africa experts (researchers, policymakers, development practioners) and on 890 organisations (research or development-related institutes with expertise on Africa).

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2016-10-24 Towards competence-based technical-vocational education and training in Ethiopia.
2016-10-24 Sustainable growth of the Kenyan dairy sector: a quick scan of robustness, reliability and resilience.
2016-10-24 Mending the Levee: How Supernaturally Anchored Conceptions of the Person Impact on Trauma Perception and Healing among Children (cases from Madagascar and Nepal).
2016-10-24 Health insurance determines antenatal, delivery and postnatal care utilisation: evidence from the Ghana Demographic and Health Surveillance data.
2016-10-24 Does Human Capital Accounting Impact On Performance Of Microfinance Banks (Mfb)? -Evidence from Ogun State-.
2016-10-24 Why is malaria associated with poverty? Findings from a cohort study in rural Uganda.
2016-10-24 Powering production. The case of the sisal fibre production in the Tanga region, Tanzania.
2016-10-24 Allah (God), al-Watan (the Nation), al-Malik (the King), and the Role of Ijtihad in Family Law Reforms of Morocco.
2016-10-24 Doing Development with Men: Some Reflections on a Case Study from Mali.
2016-10-24 Transformative Education in Violent Contexts: Working with Muslim and Christian Youth in Kaduna, Nigeria.

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