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Issues regarding access
Some of the repositories we harvest have a number of identical (or very similar) records. This happens for example if co-authors are attached to different organisations and both authors deposit a jointly written publication in their local repository.

Sometimes records look like duplicates, but are not exact duplicates of other records. Repositories can decide to place additional information in their record, such as enhanced subject fields or further information about the availability of a resource.

Our aim is to include as few (exact) duplicates as possible.

We work hard to provide links in all of our records, but sometimes these links are dead ends.

  • A link may only provide more information about the digital resource but offer no access to the digital resource itself.
  • A repository may have updated its records but we have not harvested the new versions of those records yet. In such cases, a link can lead to a "not found" error.
  • Some links offer access to digital resources for certain types of users only.
  • Some links offer access to digital resources which are still under embargo and thus not yet accessible.
We provide access to these restricted materials, because we expect the restrictions to be temporary.

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