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Connecting-Africa is a gateway to African research information produced worldwide. It provides access to 89960 publications from 99 repositories. All publications originate from these repositories.

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2022-09-26 Anthropomorphism and social issues in selected Namibian children's literature.
2022-09-26 Christianization without Economic Development: Evidence from Ghana.
2022-09-26 Trends and Patterns of Urbanization Process in Kenya.
2022-09-26 Factors Influencing Community Participation In Constituency Development Fund Projects In Langata Constituency, Nairobi.
2022-09-26 Determinants of capital formation in Kenya's Housing sector.
2022-09-26 A Critical Analysis On The Role Of The Retirement Benefits Act And Regulations In Prevention Of Loss Of Retirement Benefits In The Occupational Pension Schemes.
2022-09-26 Procurement planning practices and service delivery of state corporations in Kenya.
2022-09-26 The effects of governance and public expenditure on economic growth in Kenya.
2022-09-26 Urban refugees in Kenya: the case of Banyamulenge refugees in Nairobi; 1996-2012.
2022-09-26 An Assessment Of The Effectiveness Of The Financial Reporting Centre And Financial Institutions In Prevention Of Money Laundering: A Case Study Of Nairobi County.

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