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Connecting-Africa is a gateway to African research information produced worldwide. It provides access to 88492 publications from 99 repositories. All publications originate from these repositories.

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2022-05-25 The role of perceptions and social norms in shaping women's fertility preferences: a case study from Ethiopia.
2022-05-25 Do smallholder farmers prefer commitment or flexibility in pension savings accounts? A randomised experiment of cocoa farmers in Ghana.
2022-05-25 Statelessness Determination Procedures: Towards a Bespoke Procedure for Nigeria.
2022-05-25 When open data and data activism meet: An analysis of civic participation in Cape Town, South Africa.
2022-05-25 Musical negotiations of a 'moderate' versus a 'radical' Islam in Morocco: dissonance and the sonic among vocal performers of Islam-inspired music.
2022-05-25 Multiple Paths to Firm Innovation in Sub-Saharan Africa: How informal institutions matter.
2022-05-25 Socio-ecological determinants of alcohol, tobacco, and drug use behavior of adolescents in Kilifi County at the Kenyan coast.
2022-05-25 Travelling risks: How did nanotechnology become a risk in India and South Africa?
2022-05-25 On the grammar of a Senegalese Drum Language.
2022-05-25 How food secure are the green, rocky and middle roads: food security effects in different world development paths.

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